• Image of Apraxia Superhero
  • Image of Apraxia Superhero
  • Image of Apraxia Superhero

Majority of proceeds are donated to CASANA (Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association North America).

What is Apraxia? It is a neurological motor speech disorder. Children with CAS have problems saying sounds, syllables, and words. The brain has problems planning to move the body parts (e.g., lips, jaw, tongue) needed for speech. They know exactly what they want to say but have a hard time communicating.

Each Apraxia Superhero is made with the customizing options for skin color, hair color, and hair style. It comes with a blue uniform, star belt, personalized cape, and mask. It is made with high quality materials and impeccable detail. Each piece is designed with durability in mind for small kiddos.

When checking out in the details and comments please leave the following information:
♥Skin Tone (Light, Medium, or Dark)
♥Girl or Boy
♥Hair Color (Black, Brunette, Sandy Blonde, Butter Blonde, Red, or Ginger Orange)
♥Hair Style (Low or High Pigtails, Side Pony Tail, One-sided Braid, Braids, Bun, Curly, Headband, or Cool Dude)
♥Name you want embroidered on (please triple check your spelling)

♥ Approx. 17 inches tall
♥ 100% cotton body
♥ Dollies are triple stitched for durability
♥ Embroidered facial features
♥ Stuffed with poly-fil
♥ Please allow 2 weeks for a custom dolly to ship
♥ Please take any small accessories off this doll before giving it to your child under three. We always recommend supervision while your child is playing with these dolls.

Additional clothing items can be purchased.

♥ We recommend gentle play
♥ Spot clean only

Small accessories are not recommended for children under three. Make sure you feel this item is safe before letting your little one snuggle with it.