Chicago Sports Boo Boo Bags

  • Chicago Sports Boo Boo Bags

Root for you favorite team at all times! This set of three boo boo bags represent the Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks.

Pop these in the microwave or store in the freezer to relieve bug bites, bumps, ear aches, fevers, growing pains, headaches, sore muscles, sprains, sunburns, tooth aches, tummy aches or any closed wounds. (Do not apply directly to open wounds.)

❤ 3 medium bags
❤ Fabric is 100% cotton fabric featuring colors and style of your choice
❤ Filled with organic flax seed
❤ Instructions are included on package
❤ Retains cold and heat

❤ Do not submerge in water
❤ Lightly spot clean with water & clear liquid dish soap

Make sure you feel this item is safe before letting your little one handle it.
*fabric placement may vary*


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