Loopy Lovey

  • Loopy Lovey
  • Loopy Lovey
  • Loopy Lovey
  • Loopy Lovey
  • Loopy Lovey

These loopy loveys are fantastic for sensory and tactile introduction.
They are generously sized and yet, great for tiny little hands. It can attach with a ring to the car seat, stroller, high chair, and shopping cart.

Want a customize your loopy? In the details at checkout please leave what color or theme.

❤ Approx. 17 x 17 inches (without loops)
❤ Front material is 100% cotton or cozy snuggle flannel
❤ Backing is super soft minky cuddle fabric
❤ Coordinating and fun different textured ribbons
❤ Top stitched for durability and long life
❤ Embroidered name included in price

❤ Machine wash cold and tumble dry low.
❤ Do not iron.

Make sure you feel this item is safe before letting your little one snuggle with it.


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