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RBG Mask

  • RBG Mask
  • RBG Mask

Honor her. May her memory be a revolution.

This handmade, personal protection face mask is essential protection during this wild and scary time. It is reusable, washable & have a filter sewn in for an extra layer of protection. Proper wear of face masks are expandable and cover the nose, mouth and underneath the chin. This mask is double sided, meaning a mask is two different fabrics. This is so you can remember which side you have worn!

These are NOT medical grade masks, they are personal protection and cannot prevent disease.

❤ Materials: 100% Cotton fabric, fusible interfacing filter, & elastic
❤ Turnaround time- 2 - 3 weeks

❤ Machine wash gentle and tumble dry low
❤ Wash every time after use

Due to sanitary & hygiene, ALL FACE MASKS ARE FINAL SALE. No refunds, no exchanges.